Emergency Exams

Although we are a day-time clinic and have scheduled appointment slots, our staff are fully trained and capable of handling any dog or cat, no matter how ill they may be.  Dr. Maxmen has over 10 years of experience working at various emergency and specialty clinics, and leverages this experience to care for any sort of emergency or critical patient that comes through the door.

We also have traveling radiologists, cardiologists, ultrasonographers, and specialty surgeons that are on-call during business hours.  They visit our hospital weekly to help provide the high quality care that your animal may need.

In the event that it is after hours and we are closed, or we feel that your animal needs overnight care, then there are various 24 hour emergency clinics that we can recommend you go to in order to ensure your pet gets the care they need.

Below is the 2 closest Emergency Hospitals we refer our clients to.
Rockingham Veterinary Emergency in Windham NH
Bulger in Lawrence, MA