Flea / Tick Control

Parasites are a very serious and prevalent problem in dogs and cats, especially in Massachusetts.

Fleas cause severe discomfort for animals and people, and when ingested can lead to tapeworm infestations.Ticks are extremely prevalent in Massachusetts.  Ticks carry Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichia, as well as many other diseases.  These diseases can be life threatening to your pet.

Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitos that carry the parasite and can encyst a worm that lives in your animal’s heart and blood supply.

We carry a full supply of the best recommended flea/tick medications for your dog and cat.  They are all supplied directly from the distributors, not from a third party entity, and are completely guaranteed if purchased on-site.  We also carry many rebates in an effort to make these essential preventatives as affordable as possible.

Flea / Tick Prevention Products

NexGard is a tasty bite-sized beef-flavored chewable tablet used to kill adult fleas before they lay eggs to help prevent infestations, plus it kills ticks in pets eight weeks or older, weighing four or more pounds. The fast-acting formula provides safe and effective year-round protection when given monthly.


Bravecto products image

A chewable treat to prevent Fleas and ticks. Each dose is equal to 12 weeks of protection!


Seresto® is an easy-to-use, odorless collar that kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. It also aids in the treatment and control of sarcoptic mange and kills lice.